A warm welcome to you! We started this site to keep track of all the sharing going in the social networks (Twitter, Instagram etc) at the HK7s, mainly from people using the #hk7s hashtag. We're life long HK Sevens fans, (we've been coming on and off since the HK Football Club days).

We hope you enjoy the site: check out all the best tries, have a look at some of the ads that have been released over the years and be amazed at some of the outfits that the fans wear to the tournament. We love a chat- please join in with comments and Tweets and send us your pics!

The Hong Kong Sevens in normally held over the weekend (from Friday to Saturday) in late March. There is also a rugby tens tournament and other festivities like the beach 5s, in the run up to the 7s weekend, making the HK 7s among the biggest celebrations of rugby on the planet!